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FDS (Southern) welcomes the opportunity to meet successful business people keen to expand their companies through quality franchising. Contact us now to find out how our franchise management services could help you.

Can my business be franchised?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions with conviction and embrace a win:win philosophy, then your business has the potential to be franchised:

• A brand that is strong and will travel?
• A product or service that will be successful in other regions?
• Good profit margin both for the franchisor and franchisee?
• Management that is both professional and considerate?
• Dedicated to delivering good support for franchisees?
• Established credibility with customers?
• Proven business system with a clear methodology for success?
• An impressive expertise and know-how?

Of course not every business will be able to say ‘yes’ to all of the above questions immediately, but with our knowledge of franchising and your proficiency in your chosen business discipline, FDS (Southern) can, and has for many businesses, created a highly successful business format franchise within the market place.

Remember that you have one opportunity to be successful in franchising in the long term. If we can offer one bit of advice it is to invest in quality guidance from the outset. Mistakes can be very costly to correct and in many cases it may not be at all possible to change legally binding agreements immediately. Franchising is not the panacea for business complications and needs a careful and considerate approach.
Contact us now to find out more about our franchise management services.

Ask the specialist before you decide!

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