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Caremark Franchisees have the opportunity to become a major force within the care industry providing high calibre care staff to local authorities, private clients and care homes.

With our unrivalled experience in this area, Caremark will give you access to all our knowledge and expertise, our tried and tested policies and procedures, and all the tools you need to build a successful and thriving business.
Caremark Franchisees are a special kind of people. They recognise an excellent business opportunity, they are committed and passionate about everything they undertake, they demand the highest standards from themselves and their colleagues, and they are genuinely interested and concerned about the care currently being supplied in their community.

Your rewards will be personal as well as financial, because you will be providing a solution to a growing social issue.

Proven success
Kevin Lewis, founder and Managing Director of Caremark, has over 20 years experience in the care industry. He also has an impressive record in franchising, having previously developed one of the most successful and respected care franchises in the UK.

Professional support
Kevin is assisted by our new Franchisee Support Manager, Gail Jones. Gail will be providing ongoing training and support to our Franchisees. In her previous job, Gail developed a domiciliary presence for a major PLC.

A sound investment in care...
"I was looking for a Franchise with unlimited potential and a market that demonstrated excellent future growth. With the Aged population alone growing some 58% in the next 20 years and society choosing care in the home for so many needy people, Caremark met those criteria to the letter."
Carl Ward, Caremark Franchisee

"Caremark is a highly professional company offering a complete franchise package, comprehensive back-up and support and a very rewarding business opportunity."
Gordon Patterson, Leading UK Franchise Consultant

"Something which appealed to me about Caremark was the track record of its director, Kevin Lewis, who previously created the largest domiciliary care services provider in the country. That in itself gave me confidence that I didn't have about any other franchise opportunity."
Manjit Briah, Caremark Franchisee

Don't miss out, call us today
The market is waiting, your earnings potential is enormous and Caremark has the best kept secret. This secret can only be obtained by people who are granted the Caremark franchise and receive its proven success formula.
We must appoint successful applicants on a first-come, firstserved basis, so contact us to register your interest now - without obligation - and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Discover why it's time for you to invest in care

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