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The franchise consultant team at FDS Southern have recruited literally hundreds of franchisees over the 30 years of service within the franchise sector for many well-known brands. We believe in using the most effective recruitment mediums which include online franchise recruitment websites, bespoke and dedicated search engine optimisation and pay per click activities. In addition, the participation in franchise exhibitions nationally, or indeed internationally, aids the appointment of suitable candidates.

The recruitment of suitable franchisees is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of any franchise development programme. The process includes marketing efforts, the associated professional documentation, the screening process, relationship management and data collection which can be extensive even for the most committed franchisor.

FDS Southern can offer you a package that suits your indivudual recruitment needs and budget, from an overview of your recruitment strategy to walking you through the essential steps of recruitment, and throughout the recruitment process until you and your team are fully confident, including supporting your attendance at exhibitions. FDS Southern are here to help you on your journey to the successful franchising of your business, be it simple organic growth or rapid expansion of your business.

Outsourcing franchisee recruitment enables you to focus on your core business, although we would highly recommend your participation in this process, as the appointment of suitable franchisees will be essential to the on-going success of your franchise. It goes without saying that the franchisor and franchisee relationship is critical for the longevity of your business.

Whether you prefer to use traditional marketing activities or, as is becoming more relevant, a strong online presence with regards to advertising and advertorials in bespoke franchise media, we are able to advise and help you to consider the best options available. We pride ourselves on our impartiality and ethical standards working with a number of independent franchise recruitment mediums ensuring that you obtain best value and effective recruitment of quality franchisees.

We are able to handle the lead-flow and help you to select good quality prospective franchisees which would suit the ethos and culture of the franchise company. Employing the powerful recruitment techniques, including online and traditional activities, and more, generating leads, collecting their details, and handling initial conversations, sending prospectuses, and evaluating individuals and pre-schedule follow-up calls and interviews if required.

We are also able to teach key individuals within your company on the best recruitment techniques and having developed professional associated franchise documentation, this will help to optimise your success. Our management team can work alongside you in this process for an on-going retainer if required until confidence is gained with the appointment of suitably qualified franchisees.

FDS Southern can develop public relation stories in-line with your company's ethos and corporate standards to attract quality prospective franchisees to the business. It is important to clearly define the right profile of the franchisee to eliminate unsuitable candidates. PR stories and advertising copy must portray the correct message, it is important not to waste time in this process; clearly defining the profile is essential. Our aim is to offer an inclusive service for the marketing of your franchise opportunity using proven methods that have worked for many FDS Southern’s clients.


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