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Having initially looked at creating the franchise documentation ourselves, we decided to source specialist expertise within the franchising industry, as such we reviewed the BFA website and selected a number of Franchise Consultants, we decided to engage the services of Gary Rigby of FDS Southern, this was based on the length of time he had worked within the franchise industry both as a successful Franchise Manager and as a Franchise Consultant and who has also worked with and developed many successful franchise brands. Our decision was further justified when we started the work with Gary and he helped us through all the important phases of franchising a business, we valued the work and advice he provided and the on-going relationship as our franchise network develops.

Amy Kellow and the Everybody Pilates Team



“We contracted Gary Rigby, Regional Director of FDS Southern to consider our franchise offering and to see how this could be improved; Gary has not only helped us develop the necessary franchise documentation that is essential; he has also been by our side throughout the complete development of the franchise providing advice and on-going support and we would highly recommend Gary’s services to anybody considering developing a franchise, as his knowledge, expertise and many years in the world of franchising has been invaluable."

Steve Bain and John Merrick - Directors of



“We have worked with FDS Southern for 15 years and throughout that time they have offered first class advice and support. Gary Rigby has slipped seamlessly into the shoes of Gordon Patterson on his retirement and we have known Gary well for a number of years. Gary is a true franchising professional who continues to offer the same constructive advice that we have grown used to from FDS Southern.

Godfrey Lancashire of London House


Surinder & Manroop Ahitan, Colaz

“We have appreciated the process of franchising our business, FDS Southern, in particular Gary Rigby, took us through all the appropriate stages involved, clearly documenting the necessary steps and providing us with his invaluable 23 years’ experience of operating and running a highly successful franchise.

With his vast knowledge of franchising, in effect he acted as our project manager from our initial meeting to discuss the viability of franchising CoLaz, including the development of all necessary professional franchise documentation, to the conclusion of our franchise offering and meeting our first potential franchise owner. His services come highly recommended, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Gary.”.

Surinder & Manroop Ahitan, Founders & Directors, Colaz

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FDS Southern are experienced in supporting franchised businesses and provide a professional service. It is essential that individuals looking at franchising as a route to expand their own business seek the support of a consultant who understands both the benefits and pitfalls of franchising to give them the greatest possible chance of long term success. An experienced British Franchise Association affiliated consultant is best placed to help deliver this success.

Richard Holden, Head of Franchising, Lloyds TSB

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“Having consulted with FDS Southern for some fifteen years now, I am in no doubt that The Franchise Magazine produces quality leads which is essential to franchising success. In comparison to other mediums within the marketplace, The Franchise Magazine excels and gives a greater volume of quality individuals.”

Colin Carnachan, Founder and Managing Director - Sumo Services

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"The Franchise Magazine is our preferred choice for quality franchise recruitment. It has consistently delivered results for Ecocleen and we can highly recommend the publication. FDS (Southern) works hard to make it succeed with good informative editorial that has helped me appoint first-rate franchisees"

Robert Legge MD - Ecocleen

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"Having been advertising for many years I was pleased to see that The Franchise Magazine has not lost any of its success in recruiting quality franchisees in my new and exciting franchise, Caremark. I am appointing more franchisees now than I was with my previous company. I can highly recommend the publication and indeed the services of FDS (Southern) as consultants"

Kevin Lewis, MD - Caremark

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"Having engaged the consultancy services of FDS Southern after we launched the franchise I wished we had commissioned them before we had started. It was money well spent.

The considerable knowledge of franchising that FDS Southern has as a company would have initially helped Dream Doors to develop all the necessary documentation for successful franchising.

In addition, creating the correct infrastructure including the Operations Manual, Franchise Prospectus, Information Memorandum, recruitment procedures and appointing the right calibre franchisees for future success and longevity is paramount to the Dream Doors business,

FDS Southern certainly contributed to our achievement in the market place. FDS Southern as leading consultants have been a great help and I strongly recommend their services to any prospective franchisor. FDS Southern has been instrumental to Dream Doors success!"

Troy Tappenden MD, Dream Doors Ltd

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“At the early stages of the Northwood franchise, we engaged the services of FDS (Southern). They worked with us hand in hand to develop the brand and build the franchise operation to the success it is today. Without a doubt, The Franchise Magazine is the number one recruitment medium that we have used to our success. It is instrumental in recruiting quality Franchisees and we continue to use this publication to enhance the Northwood success story.”

Andy Goodson, MD - Northwood Residential Lettings

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"Having been in franchising for some time, I commissioned FDS Southern to undertake a consultancy work programme for LMI. The period of working together proved of immense value to strengthening our franchise system. I only wish that we had commissioned FDS Southern at an earlier stage. The services provided were very professional and of immense help in enhancing our own franchise growth and development programme."

Ray King, MD - LMI

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